Savagemale - sexcam



  • Age : 38
  • Sexual preference : Heterosexual
  • Region : United States
  • Private show : 5 cd/min
  • VIP Show : 10 cd/min (Voyeur : 5 cd/min)


  • Description : I’m the alpha male, and I will prove it , more than just brute strength, psychological that one who submits to you trusts in you totally. I’m not gods gift to women, but what makes me special besides my banana hanging…is my open mind, ready to accept I can stil learn, that every woman is different. All the bolttom men are the same if they don’t like how I treat them, plenty more bottoms than tops, you need me boys.haha sense of humor is big too, I don’t just talk shit, I talk cash shit….its sad i have to make a statement on this. Sluts take kindness for weakness, and on this particular site, my fan base doesn’t tip anymore cause someone else will and they can enjoy the show, this principle works, and was at first, and is why I give free shows…but Salvation Army is closed. Scumbags, you wouldn’t have the courage to go to a strip lab broke and tell them.that after their dance? Well you do it here cause its not face to face, ud never have the courage to treat me the way you do, if we were face to face, dont have to tip every rip, but be grown about
  • Online : Night owl, plus impulsive decision happen then
  • I love : Being outdoors, sun on the face. Listening to music is therapy, family, is everything, i chose this family, anyone can get their parent to love them. Almost anyone lol. Making others smile, blush, love that. Big sh”t talker, life too short not to.
  • I don't love : Bottom, anything in my ass expect for your tongue, and that takes time, earn that. I am not a switch, respect me and read my profile first. I’m not on here for fun, pay bills. You wouldn’t go to. The strip club broke…
  • I speak : English

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